Sunday, November 20, 2005

Its the rainy season! AND this is the ONLY road to our construction site.

This is the "street" beside the construction yard entrance gate where many of the workers had lunch in small canteens set up in homes.

Our drivers with Bill Neligan waiting in the shade

Our canteen at the construction site

A family pose for their picture

The construction yard

My lodgings in Merak at the Santa Fe camp

My lodgings in Merak at the Santa Fe camp

A market place in Merak

Near Merak - the ferry port to Sumatra from West Java. This is the main road!!

This is Jackson again with me. He wanted his picture taken with me at a profesional studio. Just look at what we are wearing on our feet!

This is Jackson, an Instrument technician with his daughter.

A typical market day in a small village somewhere on our way to work.

Here I am in the Santa Fe facility at Merak where we lodged.

A tropical view of the construction

Another "tractor" taking a well earned rest.

This is what I was working on. A large Gas Compression facility. This it at Grenyang, near Merak in West Java

Smile please!

A few children going to school

Peanuts drying in the sun. Bill Neligan looks on.

Children outside the fabrication Yard at Grenyang

Me with my work Colleagues, Dandy, Koko, Sini & BG

Tractors of Indonesia refueling

Grenyang Taxi repair shop